(A friend from another religion asked me a question about the difference in our faiths and he said he was very religious but couldn’t find any joy in his life and was finding his life hollow. This is one of the emails I sent to him)


Dear friend,

I have been writing to you a couple of times earlier as I was guided by God Almighty. The reason I am writing is to tell you that God loves you so much that you will grow in His wisdom. You have a good family. But many a times, you are not able to enjoy your family life as it ought to be. The reason is that the devil is causing troubles in your life through your flesh and circumstances.  You need God’s help to chase him out.  Your children have to grow in God fearing, otherwise, they will be lost completely in this wicked generation.  You will be responsible for it. Though they are small, they have already started rebelling (disobeying) with you. You could see the spirit of wickedness already working in them.

Can you be honest and confess that you are happy about your life?  You say, you are living like others. No. God wants to give you joy and happiness…only God can give you this. What if you die today? Where will you go? Heaven is the place for people without sins. Are your sins forgiven? God has a standard. He cannot lower it…No amount of our self- effort can please God. You have been religious for many years…..why are you still having gloomy days and being depressed, fighting each other, getting upset very often?…Look at the religious people around you, are they happy? No, they have same problems in their lives as well.

They live for money, lust after women, fighting and divorcing their wives, marrying more than one wife…they have a miserable life and they are teaching other people…what a funny religious world…My friend, I do not know why I am so concern about you…God Almighty has put this burden in my heart to pray for you…I want to see you blessed…I want to see you blessed more than me…You have only one life…AND YOU KNOW, YOU ARE ON THE PATH TO HELL…ETERNAL FIRE…if you die today, you will have no choice but hell. But you can escape hell through Jesus Christ, who had died for your sins.  Do you want to know how it works?

God has a beautiful plan for you…He wants to save you from hell…read the story of one of your brothers, I am attaching herewith…You could read many life testimonies of brothers and sisters on internet who were once in your faith. None forced them for a conversion. You can read in your own language…You can ask any doubts to them and they will answer your questions…Turn to the TRUTH…you and your children will be blessed…

with lots of love, your friend, Renji