(A Pastor wrote to me once asking my opinion on how to go ahead with the problems he faces in the Church, where a few want to be leaders and are complaining of not having given roles in the Church. This is the reply I sent to that Minister.)

Dear Pastor,

Thank you for the email. The contents of your email confirms that you are at the perfect center of the will of God and you are not a compromising servant.  Bible says, (2 Timothy 3:12) “ In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus shall suffer”. It’s very dangerous to murmur and complain in the Church. Romans 13:2 says “Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves”.

Pastor, it doesn’t matter, a billion turns against you, when the Lord is holding your hands you will go through them victorious. There are numerous examples of rebellion against spiritual authority in the Bible.

  1. (Nehemiah 6) When Nehemiah was asked to rebuild the wall and the temple, a group rose up to fight and discourage him. We know what has happened to Sanballat and his team.
  1. (Numbers 16) Korah, Dathan and Abiram along with 250 mighty leaders of congregation rebelled against the spiritual authority God placed over them (Moses). We know what happened to them.

In the New Covenant, God’s dealings are different. But He won’t let anyone to disturb His purpose. There are occasions where Apostle Paul was troubled and was discouraged and later strengthened by God (2 Corinth 10:1-11, 1Corinth 9 1-23). Pastor, God allows times in your life, when you will be left alone without any human support at all. That is the time you will cling on to the Lord and say, ‘you alone I trust Lord, you alone I long to serve’.  This is a great revelation. Seeing the Lord for 3 seconds is worth more than learning Him for 30 years!.

A sensible father doesn’t allow his immature sons to run the house. As they grow, the father is getting convinced of their abilities (gifts), their sense of accountability and would allow them to help him in raising the family without them asking for it. Dear Pastor, you are a sensible father. You can’t share your headship with your children, no matter how much they crave for it. You would entrust them responsibilities (not equally) when you find how eager they are in serving the father. A believer should not seek a position to serve the Lord. The Lord is appointing servants because He alone knows the intention of hearts. How can a person ever say that I deserve to be a leader but God doesn’t call me for it? No one needs to tell God what He has to do.

Pray for our brothers that they submit themselves to God and the authority God placed over them. If one cannot submit to the authority, he or she cannot be given any authority. This is a very basic principle- Be under the authority to exercise the authority (Mathew 8:5-13). We need our brothers and sisters to grow up spiritually in heavenly wisdom to be matured so that they can equip the Church with their gifts and revelations.

At the same time, we need to pray to the Lord to raise up anointed servants from our midst who can lead others to Christ in the fear of God. If we don’t train others and give them opportunity in the Church, we will be responsible before God for not bringing up a second line to lead the Church.  It’s always good to remember that ‘the success without a successor is a failure’

He is building you up and teaching you to be a great servant in his full purpose. It is hard but he will pour his grace abundantly on you. Submit to him, you will rejoice in the time to come for what a wonderful work the lord has done in you!  Be cheerful.

In His Service, your brother in Christ, Renji