Very often people say, if we had known it earlier, our life would have been different. This is probably a way to escape from the guilt of being deceived by someone or a self-justification to satisfy oneself after the consequences of one or many wrong decisions they have taken in life. Here I am trying to tell you something which will definitely help you in your life as it has helped me and many around us. You are not late yet to have your way corrected if you feel that you are on the wrong path. This revelation had changed the course of my life wholly a few years ago and I do not have any regret about the decisions I have made since then.

Many are not satisfied or happy the way they are. Are you at this very moment..? Nothing in this world can make us happy. Nobody ever could keep us happy, because they need to depend someone else for it. Each one is thirsty within themselves longing to be loved, accepted and appreciated. This thirst can be quenched only when they find someone who honestly accepts them and provides a sense of security around them. Have you ever come across a person of that kind who is absolutely honest and selfless in loving you, who is interested in encouraging you?. To be honest, I have met many good people in this world who helped me in many situations, but have never seen a person who can be said “dependable”. Every single person in this world has to rely on others for something or the other. Man is not perfect. Even the perfect man (we say) is lacking many things in him, because he is made imperfect by the one who created him. God wants man to communicate with Him always. He wants man to walk with Him every moment. God left a ‘hunger’ in man to search and find Him. When man finds the presence of his creator, he feels the perfection of joy, peace and security within himself. Whether you believe it or not God loves you no matter how you lived all these years, no matter how much you have reproached or ignored Him. He still loves you. You are not complete without Him. He is outside religions. Does this surprise you?. God did not create religions. No religious activities can please Him. He loves to be with you and in you to give you an overcoming life. A life that overcomes temptations, disappointments, depression, oppositions of enemy, you name it…anything that opposes you …that robes your joy and peace…

God is Holy…He lives in holiness and purity. How do a carnal and worldly person can become lovable and acceptable to God? God is a righteous judge. He punishes the guilty, whoever rebels God will not escape His wrath. God cannot accept less standard from anybody…How can we reach the standard of God to escape His wrath? God is merciful and compassionate…He knows our inability and our weakness of being human…He worked out a beautiful eternal plan for those who really want to obey him. He opened up a way of reconciliation… that way is Jesus Christ… Jesus Christ (the fullness of God in bodily form) came in the flesh to take away our sins and shortcomings. He died on the cross in your place as a ransom for your iniquities and transgressions. Where we are supposed to suffer for our sins, He suffered on our behalf. You just have to BELIEVE that Jesus Christ died for you and His ever powerful blood has cleansed you from your sins to qualify you to become a child of God. Repent of all your sins which God brings to your memory. Ask Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse them by His Blood. Take a decision in your heart not to sin any more.. The Lord will honour you. He will give His Holy Spirit to you to help you to walk in a holy life. You need grace of God and faith to believe this. Jesus Christ divided the history in to BC and AD. He can bring the same division in your life as well. You would experience the beauty of life with Christ. Do not look at the religious Christians to know Christ….Most of them are just religious. They simply belong to a religion not having the quality of the life of Christ. They are no better than any ordinary person in the world.

Religion cannot change you… But the life of Christ can change you…He can change your circumstances…He only can save you from the eternal hell and the destruction and deception of the enemy that is the devil. The devil tries to destroy you, your family, your relationships and deceives you to blame the merciful God. Call out to Jesus Christ …He will stand with you to fight your war. Then you will be a success as a person, in your family…and you will make a difference wherever you are.. My friend, I am writing this from my own life experience.

We are given a beautiful life to live. When we were born we were not corrupted. The Bible (the eternal Word of God) warns us that we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due to him for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad. (2 Corinth 5:10). Everyone, big and small alike, is answerable before God. Nothing ever would stand up to the standard of God. No good works would qualify it….we say good works…it comes from a corrupted man, to God it is a dead work…God is not impressed with it….God looks in us for sinless life that only will impress Him. Who is sinless? When some one takes away our sins we become sinless. This is what Jesus Christ has done for us through the eternal purpose of God Almighty, the compassionate Father. To make us holy, He took away the punishment of sin on the cross. So that nobody ever could blame God for His eternal judgement. We are given a free will to take a decision…whether to accept the grace of God or not…

You are given a choice….by accepting Jesus Christ as your saviour will make you a member in the family of God….this is not to join a religion but to join Christ and enjoy the fellowship of true Christians. You have hope in Christ. Ask God to work in you to aim for your salvation. He will open up your heart to know the truth. And the truth will set you free….free from all bondages….

Let me remind you what Jesus said, “verily, verily, I say unto you, except a man be born again, he can’t see the Kingdom of God (John 3:3). If you are not saved (born again) you are in great danger. A hell of eternal fire is waiting for you. My aim is not to frighten you, but to warn you to save your soul from the total destruction of being thrown in to hell for eternity. Listen to the voice of God…He will change you.. Now you have heard the gospel. You can’t deny it before God in the eternity…!

You will thank Jesus when you meet me in the eternity before God…. This talks about the way of your salvation- JESUS CHRIST, the Son of God. If you want, you will know Him. His Holy Spirit will guide you through the truth…Read and meditate the Bible…I have done my duty, rest is for you.…God is with you to help you…seek His guidance…You will not have a regret later….If you need any further guidance we are more than happy to help you.


Those who have ears let him hear…


Renji George

Disciple of Jesus Christ